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Adoption of "PAHINE" Village

        Brahma Valley Institute of Management has adopted an entire village about seven kilometers from the institute. The name of this village located in picturesque surroundings in the midst of green valleys is "Pahine" It is fully occupied by tribal population.

        On the 11th of Oct,2011, a field visit was organized and conducted to this village by 60 students of Brahma Valley as well as all the teaching staff members. The members included the Director of BVIM, Dr S Y Patil, and the Principal of the Brahma Valley College of Engineering and Research, Dr. A Vaidya. The Sarpanch of Pahine Village, Mrs Jijabai G Pehere, Mrs. Hausatai Ambapure a member of the zilla parishad and Gram Sevak, Mr. Balalshaeb Aher , were there to welcome BVIM staff and students.

        Dr S Y Patil expressed his views about the reasons behind adopting the village. According to him , there are various facilities provided by the Government of Maharashtra and the Government of India to villages, which do not reach upto them just because of the lack of knowledge. Besides, there is the need to enlighten the villagers about the proper way of life, sanitation, etc. in which all students and staff of BVIM would participate actively. Free medical camps will be set up and free medical check ups and medical services would be provided. Efforts would also be made to resolve all the other problems of the villagers.

        After meeting up with the children of "Pahine Village", the students of BVIM were divided into groups and sent to each and every house to conduct a socio-economic survey of the people in every family and their problems. After the survey, the students became aware of the lifestyle of the villagers, their culture and their difficulties.

        BVIM has planned to conduct weekly field visits at the adopted village Pahine (Brahma Village) to solve their socio-economic problems through free medical camps, distribution of various commodities, and eatables. This project launched by BVIM is really commendable; as the institute is determined to develop the village.